Which is Better 10×50 Binoculars vs 10×42 Binoculars?

A pair of binoculars is an essential tool for nature enthusiasts, sports lovers, hunters and even bird watchers. Also, you need the tool to watch beautiful scenic spots while on vacation with your family. With the many models and brands on the market, it can be a bit tricky to buy one that meets your needs.10×42 and 10×50 binoculars are popular.

Which is Better 10x50 Binoculars vs 10x42 Binoculars

Which is better 10×50 binoculars vs 10×42 binoculars?

Well, we have to compare 10×50 and 10×42 binoculars of the same quality to arrive at a perfect conclusion. Continue reading to get the details.

First, What Do These Numbers Represent?

If we have two binoculars from the same manufacturer and of the same quality but are 10×50 and 10×42, it means that both binoculars have the same magnification power of 10x. This means that the binoculars bring objects far away ten times closer to your eyes. For that reason, you can see them more clearly.

On the other hand, the two binoculars have a difference in the size of objective lenses. 10×50 models have an objective lens diameter of 50mm while 10x42s have an objective lens diameter of 42mm. Therefore, 10×50 binoculars have larger objective lenses compared to 10×42 models.

In general, 10×50 models are larger compared to 10×42 binoculars. This is as a result of the larger objective lens diameter. Also, because the two models have eyepieces of the same size, 10×50 binoculars are a bit longer than the 10×42 models.

As a result, 10×42 are compact and small in size. On the other hand, 10×50 models are larger and a bit heavier than the 10x42s assuming that they are made by the same manufacturer using the same materials. Therefore, if you want a compact and lightweight binocular, you can consider 10×42 models

10×50 models have wider objective lenses. For that reason, they allow more light in the device. In addition to that, the models have a larger exit pupil compared to 10×42 binoculars. As a result, you will find that 10×50 binoculars will allow you to see brighter images. However, the difference is not that much when using both models in well-lighted places.

The difference comes in when using the device in the dawn, dusk, thick forests, and places that are not well lit. 10×50 binoculars offer clearer and high contrast images in low light. On the other hand, 10×42 doesn’t perform that well in low light compared to 10×50 models. Therefore, if you are looking for a pair of binoculars with high performance in low light, consider 10×50 models.


Your requirements will determine the type and model of binoculars you need. As a result, you should know your needs and the environment you will be using the glasses. Comparing 10×50 models with 10×42 models, you will find that there are several differences.

10×50 models are better in low light but are a bit pricy, larger, and heavier compared to 10×42 models. On the other hand, 10×42, models are light in weight, compact, and perform well in well-lit places. Therefore, use the above information, and you will know which is better 10×50 vs 10×42 binoculars according to your needs.

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